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Money makes the world go round, and there is a wide variety of world paper money out there. So when you are looking to grow your collection of currency notes, get an estimate on your current collection, or want to sell your large inventory of notes then you want to reach out to

There is artistry to the designs of money throughout the years. That has made currency notes from throughout the decades worthy of inclusion in many enthusiasts’ collections. When you are looking for that specific note, we are there to help you. We carry a wide selection of world notes, silver certificates, legal tender notes, Federal Reserve bank notes, and small and large-size gold certificates from 1928 up through 2017. Let us help you complete your collection.

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July 1 2022

The 2017A $1 FRN series available notes:

Washington A*, B*, G* $10 ea

Fort Worth F*, G*, L* $10 ea



Fort Worth


2017A $2 FRN Complete district set special $99 ea

Star Notes C*(fw), L*(fw) $15 ea

2017 $1 FRN District Star Set Includes Scarce I*(fw) Code 1234

2017 $1 FRN District Block Set Code 9050

2017A $10 FRN PAA, PBB, PCA,PDA,PEA, PFA, PGA, PIA, PJA Code 20441

2017 $1 Star Packs Code 3003 K*,L* Packs

2013 $2 Fancy # Packs Code 1940-L

2017A $5 (FW) FRNs :


2017-A $20 FRNs Code 3001

2017A $50 FRNs Code 2133

2017A $100 FRNs Code 2189

2017 $1 FRN IA(dc) Code 3004-I

2017-A $5 FRN PFA(fw) Code 1999

2017-A $1 FRN KB(fw) Code 3005

2017- A $2 FRN DA(fw) Code 1941

2017-A $10 FRN PGA(dc) Code 2044

2017-A $1 FRN FA(fw) Code 3005

2017-A $1 FRN L*(fw) Code 3005

2017-A $10 FRN PBA(dc) Code 2044

2017-A $20 FRN PF*(dc) Code 3001

2017 $1 FRN LF(dc) Code 3004-L

2017 $1 FRN LE(fw) Code 3003-L

2017-A $20 FRN PEA(dc) Code 3001

2017 $1 FRN JA(fw) Code 3003-J

2017-A $100 FRN PHA(fw) Code 2189

2017-A $1 FRN KA(fw) Code 3005-K

2017-A $100 FRN PFA(fw) Code 2189

2017-A $5 FRNs PHA(fw) & PKA(fw) Code 1999-HK

2017 $1 FRN FD(dc) Code 3004-F

2017 $1 FRN LE(dc) Code 3004-L

PMG 65 EPQ 1953B $5 LTN *A Code 1534*

1993 $1 FRNs Updated with new C*(dc) & IA(fw) notes available in Fine, VF & ChCu Grades. Check them out Code 1918-C

1929 $5 National City Bank of New York Cht 1461 PMG 64 EPQ code 1800-1

If you can not find the notes that you are looking for on the website, please use the spreadsheets below. They have the most recent inventory of $5,$10, $20,$50 and $100 FRNs available for purchase. Please email to assure that the note is still available because some are one of a kind. Thank you.