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January 21st 2018

New Arrivals

New World Notes

Angola, Bahamas, Brazil, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, China, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, East Caribbean,Madagascar, Mozambique,Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu added to the Website.

2013 $1 FRN LR(fw) Code 3001-L

2013 $1 FRN CD(fw) Code 3001-C

2013 $1 FRN DG(fw) Code 3001-D

2013 $50 FRN E*(fw) Code 2132-E

2013 $1 FRN GH(fw) Code 3001-G

2013 $10 FRN MEB(fw) Code 2042

2013 $20 FRN MBH & MFJ Code 2098

2013 $1 FRN LN(fw) Code 3001-L

2013 $100 FRN MBE(fw) Code 2188-B

2013 $5 FRN MDC(dc) Code 2041

2013 $20 FRN MGF(dc) Code 2098

2013 $10 FRN MKB(fw) Code 2042

2013 $5 FRN MBC(dc)&MKC(dc) Code 1996

2013 $1 FRN LP(fw) Code 3001-L

****New update on web Notes****

We are in the process of updating our entire Web Note Catalog with reduced prices. The new format lists notes by series, block, front and back plate combo and by grade. Grades range from Good to GemCu with some 3rd Party graded notes available.

When completed there will be over 4,000 notes available for direct purchase on line. Prices starting at $3.00 per note.

Our initial start Begins with 1988A AE, AF, AG, BL and CA Blocks.

Go to category

Web Notes/Expermental Test Notes Code 1917-A,B,C

December BNR Ad now posted on the Home page. Check it out.

2013 $5 FRN HB(dc) Code 1995

2013 $10 FRN F(fw) Code 2042

World Notes

Argentina "Islas Malvinas" 50 Pesos, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, French Pacific, Haiti, Samoa, Switzerland and Rhodesia. Check them out!

The New Friedberg Catalog 21st edition now being shipped. For direct on line purchase go to the Currency Supplies Category and click on Code 5000.

2013 $1 FRN AD(dc) "Block of 4" and 2 Note Sheet Code 3003-A1

The December Bank Note Reporter Ad can be found on the upper right hand corner of the home page. All notes (US and World) featured in the Nov ad are now available for direct purchase on the this website.

If you have questions or need help locating notes feel free to email alex@apdcurrency or call us at (908) 479-1899. Thank you.

2013 $2 FRN IA(fw) Code 1941

2013 $1 FRN LM(fw) Code 3003-L

Fifteen New World Countries Added to the Website

C2013 $2 FRN complete District Block, District Star and District BK and Star Sets for direct purchase Special pricing use Code 1941

Advanced ordering of the new 21st edition of Paper Money of the United States by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg.

Now available for direct purchase

DuPont Melinex Currency Holders in Currency Supplies Section.

2013 $1 FRN KE(fw) Code 13003B4-KE

"Block of Four"

Just added

2001 $50 FRN CE* PMG 67 EPQ Code 502123-E*

2006 $20 FRN IG*(fw) Code 202094-G*

2004A $10 FRN GG*(fw) Code102039-G*

2006 $5 FRN IF*(fw) Code 51993-F*

2009 $100 FRN JL*(fw) Code 1002184-L*

2013 $1 FRN KD(fw) Code 13003-K

2013 $1 FRN CB(fw) Code 13003-C

2013 $5 FRN FA(dc) Sheet Note Code 51994-F

2013 $2 FRN KA(fw) Sheet Note Code 21940

2009 $2 FRNs KF, KN, KM (Lucky Money Sheet Notes) Code 21939

Newly Reformated

1976 $2 FRNs (22 Notes) Code 21935

1995 $2 FRNs (23 Notes) Code 21936

2003 $2 FRNs (10 Notes) Code 21937

2003A $2 FRNs (50 Notes) Code 21938

2009 $2 FRNs (16 Notes) Code 21939

2013 $2 FRNs (16 Notes) Code 21940

If you can not find the notes that you are looking for on the website, please use the spreadsheets below. They have the most recent inventory of $5,$10, $20,$50 and $100 FRNs available for purchase. Please email to assure that the note is still available because some are one of a kind. Thank you.