1999 > $1 FRNs > Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco Districts

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This is a listing of 1999 series star and block notes available for direct purchase from the website. Mary Ellen Withrow continued as Treasurer and Lawrence H. Summers replaced Robert Rubin as the Scretary of the Treasury. Serial numbers both for regular and star notes begin with 00000001. Plate numbers both front and back begin at 1. The total number of blocks was 59 non stars and 5 stars for Washington and 63 non stars and 3 stars for Fort Worth facilities. Washington back plate numbers run fro 1 to 262. Forth Worth numbers run 1 to 259. There are no mules or any generic block and star specialities noted. For questions regarding the availability of specific print runs or content please call (908) 479-1899 or email alex@apdcurrency.com. All notes are ChCu or better. All sheet notes GemCu.