1974, 1981A, 1985, 1988A & 1995 > Engraving Errors

Engraving errors have occured in some of the $1 Federal Reserve Note series. Here is a list of just a few of them.

1. 1995 $1 FRN 295 Back Plate error. These errors were printed on $1 Federal Reserve Notes at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's western facility in Fort Worth Texas. These micro size "mule" notes have back plate numbers which are 40% smaller that the normal Fort Worth plate numbers. There were eleven blocks and a very scarce star note printed for a short three month period (February through April 1998). Many of the 295 BP errors were printed in partial print runs creating some scarce blocks. The 295 blocks consists of GM, GN, HE, IF, IG, IH, JF, KI, KJ, LW, LX and G*.

2. 1988A $1 FRN Fort Worth 106 Face Plate error. The number on 106 FP error has a much larger font size than normal notes. They appeared only on some San Francisco District L*, LD, LE and LF blocks. The error was only discovered in 2004.

3. 1981A and 1985 129 Back Plate Engraving errors. In 1985 back plate 129 was incorrectly engraved on the left side of the bill. It was used in the production of notes during the months of June, July and August of 1985. Some blocks of the 1981A and 1985 series were effected..

4. 1974 Back Plate 905 Error. This error was the result of the engraver omitting the first digit on the back plate number. The back plate should have been engraved as 1905. This is the first documented engraving error in the small size notes.

More to come.