1988A > 106 Face Plate > Fort Worth Engraving Error

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FR 1916-LE106
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1988A $1 FRN Fort Worth 106 Face Plate error. Typical Washington printed front and back plate numbers utilize small font numbers. Fort Worth notes are typically small face plate numbers with larger back plate numbers (40% larger). The number on 106 Front Plate error notes have a much larger font size than normal notes. These notes were printed during the months of June and July 1991 when some San Francisco District L*, LD, LE and LF blocks were printed. The error has been found on some partial runs of these block. The error was first discovered in 2004 and the LD block still remains unreported.

In the first scan below on the left the L*(fw) FP106 is noticeably larger that on the L*(fw) FP 105. Same is true with the LE(fw) scans.

1988A LE Front Plate fw F106 and normal LE Front Plate fw F105