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FR- 295-IF
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1995 $1 295 Back Plate errors are engraving errors printed on $1 Federal Reserve Notes. They were inadvertently printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's western facility in Fort Worth Texas. These micro size "mule" notes have back plate numbers which are 40% smaller that the normal Fort Worth plate numbers. There were eleven blocks and a very scarce star note printed for a short three month period (February through April 1998). Some of the 295 BP errors were printed in partial print runs creating some scarce blocks. The 295 blocks available for direct purchase is Minneapolis IF block. They can be collected as single notes or as four note sets (4NS). The four note sets include the 295 error note along with the three other notes printed together on the I-10 press. Like Web notes they can be collected by front plate number, block and print run. All notes are ChCu unless otherwise noted. The Minneapolis IF block had 295 BP errors printed in thirteen of th1995 $1 295 BP Error Run 3 Face Plate 382e fifteen print runs but some runs are very scarce with less than 1,000 295 BP sheets printed. The scarce print runs are three, five, seven and eight. For questions or additional information please email alexdelatola8@gmail.com or call (908) 479-1899.

1995 $1 FRN 295 Back Plate error Run 3 Face Plate # 382

The 295 back plate error note on the left has a plate number which is noticeably smaller than the regular Fort Worth note on the right.