2006 > $1 FRNs > Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco District

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This is a listing of 2006 series star and block notes available for direct purchase on this website.. The number range of back plate numbers start at 1. There are a total of 111 blocks ( Washington: 30 non stars, 1 non star sheets and 2 stars, Fort Worth; 71 non stars, 2 non star sheets and 5 stars. Both regular blocks and stars begin with 00000001. Front and back plate numbers begin at 1. Anna Escobedo Cabral Treasurer and Henry M. Paulson Jr the new Secretary of the Treasury. The uncut sheet blocks are CA(fw),DA(dc),EA(dc), KA(dc) and LA(dc) notes. The BB(fw) and D* are scarce. There are over 200 different print runs for this series not listed here. If interested in a particular print run please call (908) 479-1899 or email alex@apdcurrency.com or call (908) 479-1899. All notes are ChCu or better. All sheet notes GemCu.

2006 $1 FRN G*(fw) Run 3. Scarce short run star (512k).

2006 $1 FRN Washington Sheet Notes (regular blocks were only printed in Fort Worth Texas.