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The Bureau of Engraving and Printing began printing $1 FRNs for the 2017-A series in November of 2019. The Dallas KA block printed in the Fort Worth BEP facility was the first block printed for the series. Boston and New York were the first for the Washington DC facility. Since then a total of eleven districts have been printed. They are Boston, New York, Cleveland ,Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis,, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco with Philadelphia in July of 2022. Slowly the notes are starting to trickle out. All of the $1 FRNs districts have been printed for Fort Worth BEP facility. The signatures are the same as the 2017 series.

B*fw), CA(fw),ED(fw) and FF(fw) have been recently added and are available for purchase.

Serial numbers both for regular and star notes begin with 00000001. Plate numbers both front and back begin at 1. There are thirty two different blocks and stars available for direct purchase on line. For questions regarding the availability of specific print runs or content please call (908) 479-1899 or email alexdelatola8@gmail.com.