2013 > $2 FRN > Available for purchase as Individual blocks and star notes or a specially priced District Block and Star Set

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The Bureau Of Engraving and printing has printed notes for all twelve Fed Districts. In addition they have printed New York Atlanta and San Francisco star notes. The following 2013 notes are available for direct purchase as sets in the following combinations: District block sets for $75 includes all twelve blocks AA(fw), BA(fw),CA(fw),DA(fw),,EA)fw),FA(fw),GA(fw),HA(fw),IA(fw)JA(fw),KA(fw) and LA(fw). Also available as a District Star Set $49 with all three stars B*(fw),F*(fw) & L*(fw) or $99 for a complete specially priced set of 15 notes (12 District Blocks and 3 Stars) as a July special from the Bank Note Reporter ad. For additional information email alex@apdcurrency.com or call (908) 479 1899.

Complete District Block Set

Complete District Star Set